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This is a great way to raise extra cash for your club

Here at InterClub Lotteries, we are committed to helping you raise cash funds for your club. We have developed a new and unique lottery system, that will allow you to run a successful, cash making lottery at your club. Along with our state-of-the art 'Flexitab' lottery machines, and our huge range of big jackpot tickets, what makes our system so special, is that there are absolutely NO UPFRONT COSTS! We are so confident that our system will be successful for you, that we will install a FREE lottery machine at your club, and provide you with all the tickets you need to get started - as a club, you will ONLY pay for the tickets that you have sold at the end of each month. Give us a call today and start raising vital funds for your club.

  • Bigger and better jackpots
  • NO UPFRONT COSTS! Only pay for the tickets you have sold
  • No VAT on the takings
  • No licenses required
  • All the money in the machine is yours - and under your control

The InterClub lotteries guarantee

When you deal with InterClub, you are dealing with the best. With over 40 years of experience in the club fundraising business, our reputation for delivering successful gaming products is second to none. We take pride in having excellent relationships with all of our customers, and we understand what a difficult job it is to run a successful club. Our products are the result of years of listening to clubs and their customers, and understanding their needs. With this in mind, we are so confident that our lottery system will work for you, that we offer you this GUARANTEE: if you are not 100% happy with your 'DUO' lottery machine, we will come and take it away - free of charge.


"After more than 40 years in the business, the message from clubs is crystal clear - 'help us raise funds and provide entertainment for our customers!' Simply put, our new 'Flexitab' lottery system does exactly that."


Alan Branch, Director of InterClub Lotteries Ltd


Traditionally "Pull Tab" companies gave the machine on free loan and made their money from selling tickets .There is generally a choice of tickets.i.e.25p, 50p and £1.00 per ticket. Each box has an average price of £140 - £160 per box thus the club would have to find £140.00 times three = £420.00.Because of the current financial climate some clubs found it hard to find this amount within the usual 30 day credit terms offered by other companies. We decided to offer PAY AS YOU PLAY to help clubs to have access not only to the smaller set sizes but also to the very big money earners like our 10,000 and 20,000 sets (Full details on this web site)These sets would come to the customer with no "up front" costs and the club would then be charged for what it used per month. On the big £1 set the club would earn over £5900.00 for the set! To do this we added a GSM Transmitter to our machines that monitors both ticket sales and money placed into the machine. This information is available on line to the customer 24hrs per day and seven days per week All of our customers can log onto their machines to see what their machine had taken and also how much the machine had been used. The machine can either be sited on the wall or on a stand which allows the customer to move it when necessary.

There is NO MGD on this machine and the cash box is VAT FREE

Interclub Lotteries are now the official supplier of Pull Tab Lottery machines for the Royal Air Force Association and have supplied over 500 of our single columns to Public Houses all over the UK. This system has been running for just 18 months and we are proud to say that these machines have raised over £250,000 for the charity. WE are very proud of this achievement and our machines were selected for this charity. All of these machines are run with our unique Pay as you Go facility. The charity tickets were designed by us and have proved to have huge play appeal which in these difficult times that it is vital that ticket styles and sizes are of maximum importance in keeping our machines running at their best.

2, 3 or 4 Column Flexitab Machine





Starter Club/Pub Machine

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NEWS: July 2013

Since Interclub's UNO lottery machine and system were selected by the Royal Airforces Wings Appeal, InterClub Lotteries and their agent partners have raised £250,000 for the Royal Airforces Wings Appeal.

Managing Director Alan Branch said; "We are delighted to have been able to raise such a significant sum to aid this worthy cause"

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