Club Fundraising

Every club should have a
fundraising lottery machine:

100% proven fundraiser
Boosts fruit machine takings
No licenses required
Perfect replacement for a cigarette machine
No VAT on the takings
All the money in the machine is yours – and under your control

Proven fundraiser

As club fundraising ideas go, you cannot beat the simplicity and effectiveness of a lottery. Lotteries have stood the test of time and still come out on top with today’s gamers, why? Because they work!

The chance to win a big jackpot is always going to get people going, and with our lottery machine system, you can give your customers exactly what they want AND raise vital funds for your club.

And the best part? With our unique lottery system, you don’t need to pay anything up front! We will only charge you for the tickets you sell – it’s so simple to get started – so just give us a call today and we will set you up with a real winner. Now that’s what I call a good club fundraising idea!

It won’t cost you a single penny.

Hassle free
You’re in control

With many of today’s gaming machines, there are so many charges and license fees, that you never really know how much of the takings are actually going to your club.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have at least one machine with which you know exactly where you stand? With the InterClub ‘Flexitab’ lottery machine, YOU can. YOU are in control of the money, and with no license fees and no VAT on the takings, for once everything in the machine is yours.

Remember, with InterClub, you only pay for the tickets you have sold!

Start raising vital funds for your club

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