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We are committed to helping you raise cash funds for your club.

Our unique lottery system,  state-of-the art ‘Flexitab’ lottery machines and huge range of big jackpot tickets will enable you to effortlessly run a successful, cash generating lottery at your club.

What makes our system so special, is that there are absolutely no upfront costs!

We are so confident that our system will be successful for you, that we will install a FREE lottery machine at your club, and provide you with all the tickets you need to get started – as a club, you will ONLY pay for the tickets that you have sold at the end of each month.

Unique 2 Choice Payment System

Pay for your tickets on account or use our on-line pay as you go system meaning you only pay on a monthly basis for the tickets you have sold (great for cash flow). Also you can view how your machine is performing from anywhere in the world.

Largest Ticket Selection in the UK

We firmly believe that changing ticket games regularly means far better profits. We stock jackpots from £75-£1000 with percentages ranging from 50%-78% click on our ticket icon to view our range.

UK Manufactured Machines

We have 1,2,3 and 4 column machines with coin  and note facilities, separate cash box door, all machines can be personalised to you and any colour is available to complement your establishment.

We have helped raise over 1 million pounds for some amazing causes over the last 3 years.

Start raising vital funds for your club

Give us a call today! 01323 489 489


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