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FREE lottery machine with every ‘no play, no pay’ system
FREE built in ‘note-accepting’  with the Flexitab system
Eye catching and user-friendly design
100% Made in the UK
Robust, reliable and low maintenance
Available in different sizes

2, 3 and 4 Column Flexitab

Tried and tested in clubs all over the country
the profit turning Flexitab

Still cutting edge in the lottery industry the Flexitab keeps returning reliable profits for clubs all over the UK and offers extensive benefits to clubs that like that little bit extra.

Double this with the ability to dispense and use our enhanced game tickets which offer far greater player appeal than standard machines The Flexitab also incorporates the invoice busting GSM reporting system. And those are just some of the great reasons the Flexitab has been so successful.

Comes with Separate Locking Cashbox

One of the outstanding features of the ‘Flexitab’ is a built in ‘note-acceptor’.  Our research has proven that this feature can help you sell more lottery tickets, for those vital extra profits.

All that for no upfront cost. Now that’s what I call an idea!

Double Ticket DUNO

Introducing the ALL NEW DUNO designed for double ticket play and includes exciting prize structures.

Brand new for 2016 and designed to help clubs in these difficult times the all new DUNO machine gives a choice of two small tickets with player friendly prizes and will net a club £1188 after selling just one box of tickets.

WINS              50P play
Set Size


The great thing about the DUNO is that you don’t have to replace anything, just add it to your existing machines, and enjoy tax and license free income for your club.

Get your FREE club lottery machine today

InterClub’s club lottery machines are, quite simply, the best lottery ticket vending machines available today. We are so confident in our lottery machines, that we now offer a unique 100% RISK-FREE way for your club to start a successful lottery. With our new ‘no play, no pay’ lottery system, we will deliver and install a FREE machine for your club. What’s the catch? Simple, there is none! At the end of each month, we send you an invoice ONLY for the tickets that you have sold. Find out more today.

Made in the UK, made to last

A good games machine will require minimum servicing. With the ‘Flexitab’ and ‘UNO’ we have built club lottery machines that require virtually no servicing at all. Forget about those frustrating hours of lost funds while waiting for spares and engineers.

With our machines, all you have to think about is emptying YOUR money, and re-filling the lottery machine with tickets.

Start raising vital funds for your club

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