Pull Tabs

Use Pull Tabs for your fundraising efforts.

Fully Customisable
Choose your own prize structures and set sizes
Unique serial number printing on each ticket
Available in 5 window version

Pull Tabs and break open lottery tickets have raised millions for charitable organisations all over the world.

And are simple games people love to play.

They are available in a wide variety of places, from shopping malls to veterans clubs to convenience stores. They can be sold quite simply from a Jar but also through Ticket Vending Machines these vary in sophistication ranging from in some cases as many as 12 choices of ticket to as little as one. Other features of these machines are online reporting, change facilities and bank-note acceptance. Some equipment can be wall mounted for security whilst other equipment can be mounted on a stand that is easily wheeled away to be locked up.

It won’t cost you a single penny.

Deals for Pull Tabs

Pull Tabs work on so many levels for so many people.

The key to success with these tickets is the Prize structure, regular ticket sets come in at around 3000 tickets to a deal. With a price of play at 1.00 that will bring an income in of 3000.00. you will need a payout structure that returns at least 66% to the players or they will eventually detect the low payout and ignore that game. so with our 3000 ticket example you would return 2000 in prizes and retain 1000 as operating profit. From this you must subtract your expenses, eg price of the ticket and any taxes due. the remainder are clear funds for the charitable organisation.

Automated daily sales reports

Allows you to pay as you play instead of ordering tickets that sit in storage for an extended period not earning you any money.

This factor also allows for enhanced games to be created because the ticket vending machine will report to us each day, this allows us to send an invoice at the end of each calendar month only for the played tickets from the machine making it much easier on the finances of charitable organisations or clubs, this also applies to veterans or ex-servicemen clubs, royal British legions (rbl) etc as well as working mens and social clubs. These systems are highly successful and provide vital funds for these organisations.

We can arrange for your pull tabs to be printed and shipped worldwide to your exact specifications

Includes our unique 5 window tickets and price of play

An additional feature that is that you can also design your own payout structure, but this will obviously depend on the number of tickets you select for a set and also the price of play. If you are just starting out in fundraising activities talk to us first. Use the Contact Us details to make an enquiry and we will deal with your request promptly. (including customers in the USA).

  • Pull Tabs are a perfect fundraising method for so many organisations, the games are easy to play and simple to understand.


    Alan BranchDirector of InterClub Lotteries Ltd

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